XML/ONIX Data Share

ONIX for Books is the International Standard for representing and communicating book industry product information in electronic form. Use of ONIX/ XML for data share is the latest technology in sharing book information in the publishing industry.

There are Multiple Benefits of using ONIX:

  • It enables an organization to deliver rich product information into the supply chain in a standard form, to wholesalers and distributors, to larger retailers, to data aggregators, and to affiliate companies.
  • Greatly reduces support costs for your organization, as publishers no longer need to duplicate their data in multiple formats.
  • More efficient and rapid loading of up-to-date product information into customer interfaces.
  • Reduces need for manual intervention and much lower risk of error.
  • Reduces the need to deal with multiple proprietary data formats, and hence reduces support costs.

We have strong expertise in creation of XML/ONIX formats for the purpose of sharing data with other servers. We have implemented multiple projects for market leaders in the publishing industry where integration with different servers was needed using XML/ ONIX format.

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