Leave Management

Leave management application smoothens the communication flow between the employees and HR. The flow of information between the employees and the HR personal is better managed as the processes are simplified. Employees can view leave requests and the corresponding status like pending, approved, declined or cancelled right on their home screen.

For employers, Leave management system provides a comprehensive report of all the leaves applied by the employees, leave balances and individual status, in just a few clicks.

The Application has systematic and comprehensive leave Application tasks like:

  • Can be configured as per the company policies.
  • An executive can mark his attendance or the same may be uploaded from the swipe card machine.
  • Application maintains three types of leaves Privilege Leave (PL), Casual Leave (CL) and Maternity Leave (ML).
  • Employee can edit/ cancel approved leave.
  • At the time of launch all existing executives will have a Balance PL Annual Leave of the previous year.
  • Leaves are accumulated into executive leaves entitles based on company policy.
  • Leaves applied are validated by superior and may also be short closed if an executive joins back earlier.
  • Leaves can be en-cashed; process for the same is defined as per company policy.
  • The HR Department can view monthly report of leaves to be deducted and generate a Leave card for each executive calendar year wise

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