“Our journey with VRVirtual has been a very pleasant & memorable one, fraught with lots of learning and co-evolution. Right from the stage of developing the product, VRVirtual has worked constantly with Elsevier as a true partner, and implemented what Elsevier calls KITES (Key Information & Territory Encyclopedia for Sales). A special mention here needs to go to Sangeeta, who has partnered with us not just as a vendor, but also virtually as a colleague, constantly challenging our thoughts and introducing the “Ifs & Buts”.
Post launch, VRVirtual worked with us to train the team, ensure better compliance, and provided regular inputs that have helped us to build our business in a more focused way. Today, KITES is the repertoire of all our work, with one of the largest databases in health education.
I would strongly recommend VRVirtual to organizations, who would like to have value adding partners to their business, and not just vendors”.

Vikas Kapoor
Director - Sales
Reed Elsevier India

MPIL had engaged VRVirtual in 2009 to implement their home grown CRM for the sales & marketing functions. The functional study and customisation took close to 1.5 years and the application was live in end 2011. It was an enormous effort made by VRVirtual along with our internal team to roll this out and train 200+ sales force (Feet on Street). From being a typical sales management system, MAST (Marketing and Sales Tool) has grown to be an efficient CRM application with the incorporation of complex computational logic/ intelligence.
From the sales opportunity/ pipeline to adoption, the end to end information is captured in this system. In addition the sampling, workshop and sponsorship processes are initiated in MAST which now has the feature to maintain budget. Consequently Macmillan was able to achieve cost savings through the use of this CRM and will continue to leverage the system in future.
VRVirtual has played a role of a business partner rather than a vendor. The team has been extremely responsive and understands the nitty gritties of our business. The best part is the passionate involvement of their owners & the quality of team which is demonstrated in their professional approach to their quality work.
We would like to see VRVirtual strengthen the training process and continue their support to us.

Rajesh Pasari
Director - Finance and Operations
Macmillan Publishers India Ltd.

VRVirtual..... You can virtually depend on them to efficiently and effectively design, create and deliver any digital solution. We are proud to have them as our business associate.

Sunil Patki
Madhubun/Vikas Publishing House

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