Sales CRM

A web based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application with strong Sales Force Automation (SFA) features assists in bringing the Sales Team, Channel partners and Customers on a single platform which leads to effective management of opportunities and complaints. Intelligent and intuitive systems may include modules like contact, account, opportunity, lead, and partner management, marketing and telemarketing, customer service, knowledge management and business intelligence. It also integrates easily with back-office applications such as accounting and order management systems to provide a complete view of your customers and partners. Our applications provide secure, permission-based access to data for individuals, departments, remote offices and partners so the client can leverage the power of shared information without exposing relevant or sensitive data. One can configure security as per the organizationís requirement to achieve the best balance from among the needs of managers, users and partners.

Key Modules of Application are:


Supports key functions such as contact management, opportunity management, forecasting and a 360-degree view of all customer accounts and interactions.


Supports functionalities like maintaining contact lists and logs manage product and resource information, maintain schedule and tasks, alerts, quick notes.

Channel Management

Supports key functions such as campaign management and analysis, and customer demographic analysis.

Customer Service

Provides an efficient workflow and easy access to information while synchronizing customer data across all communication channels.

Partner Management

Track and analyze sales made by partners, and track contacts associated with VARs, dealers, distributors and other channel partners.


Supports self-service, personalization and click-to-chat features.

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