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VRVConnect is professional high-performance mass email software for email marketing campaigns using big databases for bulk mailing. There is no restriction on the database size which allows you to keep increasing your reach with time. The only restriction is on the number of mails which can be sent in a day and month. If evaluated you will conclude that VRVConnect is very cost effective for bulk mailing as compared to similar services in the market.

Given below are a few Highlights of VRVConnect:

  • Capable of sending 1,00,000+ bulk mails per day per IP.
  • Automatic Bulk Mail / Newsletter Subscribe and Unsubscribe option.
  • Bounced mails are automatically deleted from your bulk mailing database / list.
  • Automated personalized bulk mails can be sent to subscribers with the mail merge option.
  • HTML based Bulk Emails or Newsletters can be sent.
  • Bulk mailing data (mail IDs and Other details) can be imported from Excel, CSV files and other databases.
  • Stores unlimited addresses and other contact details of all the parties with whom the organization interacts for business transactions.
  • Allows the user to group contacts in different categories as per the needs of the organization.
  • Mailing can be done to a selective or all categories.
  • Mailing list can be maintained online or offline, as per the requirement.
  • The list can be used to print labels for mailing through courier, send e-mails etc.
  • Mails can be scheduled for a later date.
  • Provision also provided to send bulk SMS.
  • Detailed reports are available for:
    • E-mail wise and domain-wise delivery. Graphical representation is also provided.
    • Mail read or open report for each mail bulk mailing process.
    • Click tracking report (visit to your website from the bulk mail) for each mass mailing campaign.

VRVConnect can be hosted to facilitate access on the Internet for geographically sparse staff OR can be configured for Intranet within the premises of the organization.

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